When submitting your proposal, please include the following:

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Brief Description of Show: (Please include a link to any show footage and your show Director or Coach's name in your show description)  
SKETCH (45 minute slot)  
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VARIETY (45 minute slot)  
Preferred Dates and Times of Performances:


I agree that I will assume financial responsibility for any damage done to the Second City - Hollywood theatre that I or my group am the cause of. While regular wear and tear may occur, cost to repair any damage beyond normal wear and tear to the bentwood chairs, doors, widows, set, stage, keyboard, television or anything else in the theatre not listed here will be incurred by my group and I. I assume responsibility for communicating this message to all members of my group.

I have read the above agreement, confirm I have the rights to distribute this material, and give Second City rights to reproduce this material.