The Second City Training Center welcomes your interest in our Conservatory and Music Improv programs. Because these programs present professional training in improvisation and sketch comedy, certain prerequisites must be met in order to audition.

Conservatory: Completion of a one-year comprehensive improv training program or equivalent and one post-high school acting class.

Music Improv: Completion of a one-year comprehensive improv training program, or completion of the Music Improv Fundamentals course, or permission of the Head of the Music Program.

If you have not previously taken classes at the Chicago Training Center or meet any of the prerequisites from attending classes elsewhere, please complete the questions below and a staff member will confirm your eligibility or recommend another program of study.

Training Center students in the Improvisation program must complete Level E before auditioning. Students who have completed Improv A-E and Acting 1 at the Training Center can contact the office directly to ensure the audition approval is added to their student profile. Students currently enrolled in or who have completed Improv for Actors 2 do not need to request approval.

When submitting your application, please include the following:

Submission City:
What is your improvisation training? Please include school, course name and completed levels.
What is your acting training? Please include school and course name.
Please include any relevant performing experience.  
In order for us to enable to you to sign up, please include the follow information so we may create a student profile for you
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):