When submitting your film, please include the following:

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Your team's affiliation at Second City (ie: Alumni, Student, Grad):

Video Information

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Filmmakers are responsible for all releases of talent, locations and any copyrighted material used in their videos.

Video submissions will be uploaded to a Second City site and filmmakers will agree to an electronic distribution agreement with The Second City. All videos will be reviewed by Second City, New Media. The best of each week’s submissions will be selected to go onto the YouTube/7 Day Shorts page.

Distribution Agreement

  • Videos of the highest quality and/or content will be posted on the YouTube/7 Day Shorts page and can be linked and embedded anywhere on-line.
  • The Second City will have no copyright ownership for these videos.
  • The Second City will have on-line exclusivity for these videos.

I have read the above agreement, confirm I have the rights to distribute this material, and give Second City rights to reproduce this material.